Learn about Yolanda “Janie” Mercer, M.D.

A doctor at the Culinary Health Center

Dr. Mercer is a board certified doctor. Most people call her “Janie.” She has been a doctor for 4 years. Her favorite part of being a doctor is working as a team with other healthcare staff and patients. Dr. Mercer cares about making her patients comfortable. She spends time speaking to her patients and answering their questions. She joined the Culinary Health Center to work in a place that lets her spend quality time with each patient.

Before joining our team, she worked for a private health group in Las Vegas. Before that, she was doing health training in Arizona and Texas.

When she is not working, Dr. Mercer likes to work out and spend time with family. She really enjoys watching her kids play soccer, trying new foods, and traveling.

She speaks:

The specific areas of health she is trained in:

Where she went to school:

To make an appointment, call us at 702-790-8000.

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